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People in the Destiny Split Story Universe

The Trans Gens were created by using viral vectors to create a new superior form of Humans, Homo Superior Homem. The scientists working on the project thought they were creating a new warrior that would be the final solution to the growing vampire problem. Unknown to the scientists as they developed the vaccine to convert humans into something new their funding source was planning to add a secondary target for his new warriors of the rightous, gay people.

When the chief scientist found out what was planned he sabatoged all samples of the vaccine and destroyed all notes and computer records. taking the only vial of the vaccine in existance he left the research center before it blew up from the bomb he planted in a location that woudl ensure nothing was left.

going home he packed up his gay son and went into hiding, after some more research and planning he vacinated a doctorate student his son had a crush on that happened to be gay while they were in hiding in small college town. After a succesful conversion he came clean to what he had done and why and begged the young man to take care of his son and to make love to him when he turned sixteen thus converting him to the new and improved genome.


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