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Friedrich Adler
Non Clan Alteran
General Information
Birth Date 11/21/1982 (22)
Entered Story At Chapter 16
Origin Recruited
Orientation Before Alteration Gay
Lover / Partner Colin Fairhurst
Resides at Stranton Compound
Position Clan Security
Posting Clan Stranton

Physical Information
Race Alteran
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Dirty Blond 
Alteran Information
Orientation After Alteration Gay
Breakthrough Altered (Ch 19)
Telepath Class 3
Telekinesis Class 2
Teleport Class 3
Pre-Cog Class 2


"My orders were to get in and out without any contact or any injury. I was to rescue the fourteen year old daughter of a diplomat. We found them hiding in an orphanage, our target was being raped by those monsters and I had to let it happen as the team leader wanted to wait until dark so it was safer, not as easy to be spotted.” Closing his eyes, he sighed, “those monsters started in on the orphans, though, once the kid, didn’t matter if they were male or female, passed out, they snapped the kids neck. The team leader still wanted to wait, so I took it upon myself to sneak in and slit every one of those bastard’s throats. I got to our target just as one of the bastard’s lifted his knife to her throat. She survived, they didn’t, I got fired over it.”


Head of Clan Security

Quirks / Hobbies



Significant Events by Chapter - 49

Chapter 16

  • Stops Aaron from walking around the docks becuase of mistaken identity, as he had seen him only from the back

Chapter 19

  • Made head of Clan Security

Chapter 21

  • While being woken up after alteration Aaron touches Friedrich causing him to flash into a pre-cog state. He is the first pre-cog to have a breakthrough vision so far.

Chapter 24

  • Told that unless he get off his ass and finds someone, Tim plans to start throwing people at him to hook him up.

Chapter 25

  • It was lust at first sight. Startling Colin he never had a chance to defend hismelf before he realized he was on the ground and hands behind his back

Chapter 28

  • Leads a team to rescue 23 teens from a man who heads an orphans home and whores the teens out

Chapter 35

  • Aaron asks him to take off his limiter as he touches his arm while thinking about his decision to cross dimensions. His response is Prophetic in nature. He tells Aaron to tell Xon he is loved and wanted no matter if he joins the Clan or not.

Chapter 49

  • Has vision of Aaron being shot while guarding Tommy at the Aquaponics seminar.

Significant Events Chapter 50 -

Chapter 60

  • Aaron asks him to track down the owner of several British newspapers and compile a report

Chapter 62

  • Has precog vision. the U.S. will fall within a months time if nothing changes

Chapter 64

  • Removes his limiter during the meeting where they plan to invade the U.S. adn ferret out the Army of God. He has no vision while the limiter is removed.
  • Finds out later that his brain created an internal limiter of its own set to six hours.

Chapter 71

  • Orders his teams to take the hidden arctic base run by ruthless businessmen that were behind the kidnapping and tortured death of one of the Beastmasters kids.

Chapter 75

  • Enters Aarons office from the security office to tell him that an 8.6 earthquake has hit California and done a lot of damage.


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