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I have temporarily fixed my computer, I still need to buy a new one when I get the extra money, but for now it has a new power supply.

I have uploaded updates to several stories.

Chapter 17 and 18 of Return of the King has been found and uploaded

Chapter 9 of Druid Naruto

Chapter 5 of Kidnapped

Chapter 20 of nexus Lord, which I thought I had uploaded ages ago.

I have a Patreon account now you can find me at


  • First Cycle complete

Dragon Lords

  • Chapter 87 complete and posted

Time Quake

  • Chapter 9 of this cycle corresponds to chapter 96 of Dragon Lords- posted

Journey to a New Start

  • Complete

Sidhe Rising

  • Chapter 15 posted
  • Chapter 16 half finished
  • Note this story I have to be in a certain frame of mind to work on due to the underlying nature of the storyline.

Destiny's Split

  • Chapter 10 posted

Return of the King

  • Chapter 17 & 18 posted
  • One chapter left, that chapter being looked for in backups

Heritage of the Ancients

  • Complete

Ancients Ascended

  • On Hold


  • Complete

Naruto- Uzumaki-sama

  • Arc 1 complete

Legacy of Obligations

  • Chapter 9 posted

Nexus Lord

  • Chapter 20 posted
  • Epilogue being thought out as the story was finished at chapter 20 but feels lacking 08/08/21
  • This story will end at the invasion. so three more chapters or so. Druid Naruto will take its place as the Naruto story being worked on.

Diary of a New Age

  • Chapter 14 posted

HP of Mars

  • Chapter 24 posted

  • Chapter 25 with the editors.

One Shots or Short Stories

Potter's conquer the Wizarding World

  • A short that comes in at over 50 thousand word novella.
  • 15 sections or chapters
  • All chapters posted 11-05-17

This story is written from the perspective of those around Harry. if I ever come back to this story, it will be easy to flesh it out to a 40 to 50 chapter story by bringing out Harry as the main focus, making the main focus characters of the short fade into the background.

The story focuses on the power of belief as it relates to Magic. How Belief powers Magic.

This Harry has learned well the lesson the Dursley's imparted; adults are not to be trusted until proven otherwise. and when he is confronted by his trust vault full of gold as tall as he is, he vows to never return to that life. And as he realizes that the Wizarding world is less expensive than the non magical world, he decides to investigate and spend some coin to create a permanent home for himself.

Growing up with liars and thieves, he really hates those who lie and or steal from him.

As he starts to investigate his past, he finds a wealth of knowledge his family had hidden from the world, called the Potter place of power. he molds his actions and reactions from what he reads in notes and writings of his ancestors.

Harry Escapes

  • 38 thousand words
  • 10 chapter novella

Posted - Finished

After First year, Harry escapes the headmasters meddling. Finding a lost city with a race of beings lost to legend that he can understand and speak to, he quickly finds himself declared king of the land and has to deal with issues he never dreamed of. Issues, that being almost twelve he sees in only black and white, not the shades of gray adults do. Join him as he takes control and deals with things no twelve year old should have to.

Rise of Azkaban

  • Chapter 0 posted so far

The ancestral lands of the Potters hold an amazing secret. Harry is not the only Potter and with Vengeance singing in his blood, will the Wizarding world survive or will harry let it be destroyed.

Warrior Thief

  • 33,759 words
  • 9 chapters
  • Last chapter posted

The Potters have always destroyed those who have harmed them. They did so by using ancient inventions they guarded zealously. These inventions allowed them to totally destroy an enemy, monetarily, politically and psychologically. Though, Harry had to admit, watching his enemies realize they were stone cold broke, without even the means of expensive heirlooms to sell to pay their bills, nothing was more satisfying.


Chapter 5 posted 11/22

The Deathly Hallows are not what the legend tells. by combining all three items his ancestors were given by Death , Harry now has to fulfill a favor from Death. Too bad Death decided to kidnap him first before calling the favor due.

Star Wars Cross over

Now a full story as I found myself universe building

Druid Naruto

One of the Naruto stories I work on from time to time when I need a break from my other stories. once Nexus Lord is finished, this will become the full time Naruto story I will be working on.

As the last Chapter of Nexus Lord is wrapped up, this will become the main focus for my Naruto story.

  • Posted chapter 9 11/25/22

Naruto of the Kikkai

a new Naruto Story I picked up and will work on from time to time. The story idea comes from The Bearded One on Fanficiton net

  • Four chapters done so far

Death God Series

  • Book 1 published - Death God the Necromancer
  • Book 2 Published - Death God the Vampire
  • Book 3 Published - Death God the Warlock
  • Book 4 - Death God the Assassin
  • Book 5 - Death God: The Coven
  • Book 6 - Death God The Lych
  • Book 7 1/3 complete

Invasion series

book 1 done - to be released January of 2021

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