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Timeline Adjustments during the TEEP Universes second run through or version 2.0

Friedrich triggers an adjustment

Upon waking up from being altered to the Alteran genome he wakes with a vision of Aaron being assassinated durign his upcoming meeting with teh president of the United States.

When Aaron changes the condition of how he woudl meet with the president the vision stops.

When Aaron touches him another vision of the Clan being attacked on the docks of Elswick when he is to meet with the Queen and Aaron retaliating by sinking England.

The Core determines an adjuustment is needed when Friedrich has one too many visions and shuts down in the future. The Core sends back information to build a pre-cog limiter so that when Aaron needs one it is designed and ready to be used.

Kenny forces an adjustment

He was startled out of his fascinated musing of watching the ship literally grow in front of him when the deck went dark, looking around he noticed right away something was very wrong, and it had to do with an image of an older Kenny staring at him and a glowing Isolinear chip on a small pedestal where there was only clear deck moments ago. “Kenny…” Aaron whispered in fright as he looked at the haunted and gaunt face.    

“For so long Aaron, I cursed your name for locking me in that section of the Core before removing the air from the rest of the Core bunker so the virus would not spread to where I was at. You promised me you would find a cure for the plague that was killing every living thing that breathed.”    

Aaron stared at the tears streaming down Kenny’s face and felt a heavy pressure building in his chest as he fell back in the chair.    

“Then I was able to finally hack into the system enough to find out why no one had come to talk to me for months, you were all dead.” The image sobbed for a moment before pulling itself back together, “You died before making love to me for the first time, and for that I can never forgive you.”    

Aaron was openly weeping as he realized this was a reset occurring.    

“There is hope though, Love. When I found out what had happened, I planned, I found every scrap of information I could and found out why the reset never occurred without being told to. Your heir changes everything according to Core programming and since the children were locked inside the incubators, during all this time, the rise of the empire protocols were still in effect. Aaron you need to change those damn things, even if some of us would have survived, we would not have as a race, I saw pictures of our children. Aaron they were deformed because of being in the incubators too long.”    

Aaron heard a sigh as the future Kenny started again and the image pointed down, “That Isolinear chip has every bit of data on it I could find on the plague and how it started. The warning came too late, the limiter Friedrich and a few of the others wore allowed them to subconsciously create their own internal limiter, so tell him to discard the damn thing it is no longer needed.”    

“I had all these things I wanted to tell you, all these things I wanted to curse you for, but you did the best you could, now I need you to pull yourself together and destroy every location listed on the Isolinear chip. You have to use the MCA’s and only the MCA’s; for some reason when you found the sites after Friedrich warned you, the planet busters you used mutated the viruses and blended them into something that minutes ago I found out is killing every living thing that breathes in the universe. All the alien visitors that came to investigate the power signatures of our empire died out as the virus did its job of killing.”    

“Use the chip, the Core determined that a ten mile radius from the center of those locations and a mile deep was needed. To make sure you see,” Kenny tried to smile, “One last thing before I die, my love, I know I will as I have been exposed to the virus, even after years of hard vacuum it is still deadly. Don’t hurt me anymore by not showing your love, you taught us a different way so we could enjoy ourselves with you without pain and then pushed us away because of our age…Promise me love, the only way you can make it up to me, even though this me is no longer alive and all that time travel shit, make love to me, all of me and all of you, make us complete and I will forgive you…”    

“Don’t stop to try to figure this out, I tell you three times Aaron this has to be done and it must be done right now, without delay.”    

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